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Trekking in the Alps is not restricted to the Alps - we do venture elsewhere! Spring time is not great in the Alps as it's a transition period between winter and summer. There is usually a lot of snow remaining in the mountains which means that trekking is not feasible, but there is not enough snow to snowshoe or ski either. So we go south.  
I offer holidays in Provence, Costa Blanca, Mallorca and Corsica. All these places are fabulous spring destinations, not just for the sunshine, welcome though it is, but also for the flora which is exceptional near to the Mediterranean.

The walks in these regions are, superb, very varied, often with coastal views but also in great mountain scenery. Provence, Mallorca and the Costa Blanca are limestone areas whereas Corsica is mainly granite. Each place is different. In the Costa Blanca and Mallorca I offer hotel based holidays. In Provence and Corsica there are both treks and hotel based holidays, not all offered each year.

I will always offer a variety of walks, aiming to explore all that each area has to offer. Whilst hiking is the activity, we also experience the region's specialities - be it food, culture, architecture….

In the summer I also leave the Alps from time to time. Destinations include the Dolomites, the Pyrenees and once again Corsica. In the Dolomites we do the Alta Via 1 trek and in the Pyrenees I offer two different holidays, one taking in the French and Spanish sides of the massif, the other based around the Spanish Ordesa canyon area.

Corsica is a speciality for Trekking in the Alps. It is an island where I have spent a great deal of time hiking and climbing, and one I feel I know well now. I offer a summer Summits Week there where we try to ascend as many summits in the northern part of the island as possible. Each year the itinerary changes according to the group, the month and to take in new treks I have discovered. Any trip to Corsica would not be complete without some time on the beach and there are some great coastal walks too. This is truly a unique island, with a fascinating culture and excellent food


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Beyond the Alps
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