Hiking Chamonix Mont BlancIn the summer Trekking in the Alps offers hiking trips in the Alps. Over the years I have worked extensively throughout the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Now I have decided to stay closer to home and my trips take place in the southern French Alps. However, this should not be seen as a negative....the more I explore these lesser known Alps the more I come to love them. Here we are far from the madness of the famous Alps treks which are becoming victims of their own success. 

Flowers and wildlife
Tour of Mont Blanc hiking ItalySummer is the time for flowers in the Alps. I have a great interest in the flora and will do my best to tell you what we're looking at, and anything of interest associated with each plant we discover. 
Alpine wildlife includes chamois, ibex, marmots, deer, foxes, stoats, and many birds. I cannot programme the animals to show up for us during our walks, but by being first on the trail in the morning we increases our chances of seeing wildlife.The destinations I now go to, being quieter, give us the best chance of seeing these animals, as well as the wonderful sight of vultures soaring overhead: the vultures are now common in Provence but in summer time they follow the sheep herds over to the Alps. 
It is always a great privilege to see the wildlife and one that really enhances a hike.

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