After many years of offering snowshoe trips in the Alps, I am now taking time for myself. It's been a blast!! 

For old time's sake I have left up a few photos and a couple of videos. 

Click on this video link to get a real feel of what snowshoeing with me looks like!, or watch it directly by clicking on the play button below. (tip! - click on fullscreen to enjoy to its max)


Snowshoeing bookI wrote the main English book to snowshoeing. This book is the result of my many years of snowshoeing in the Alps and usually when you snowshoe with me in the Mont Blanc or Aosta Valley Regions we will do some of the walks and summits in this book, as well as others that I have kept secret! 

A snowshoe holiday allows you to walk in the winter, which is a great boost to fitness at a time when any hiking you do will probably be in the grey gloom of winter. Even just a long weekend will give you a welcome dose of sunshine and marvelous views - many people say that being away for 4 days feels like they've been away much longer, because it is so wonderful to enjoy the sun and the cold crisp air of the Alps.