The Monte Rosa massif is the largest range of glaciated mountains in the Western Alps. The Matterhorn is the most iconic peak in Europe. To walk in the shadow of both these ranges is the stuff of dreams. Splendid views abound, with scenery spanning the huge gleaming white glaciers, rocky spires and rugged cliffs of these Apennine peaks which form the frontier between Switzerland and Italy. Hiking Monte Rosa Alps
The Tour of Monte Rosa and Tour of the Matterhorn treks are well known to me as I wrote the guidebooks to both. But having done these treks numerous times I have come to know the region intimately and am always enamoured with the Italian sections of both these multi-day hikes. The Italian valleys, peaks and passes are wilder and more remote than their Swiss neighbours and there is a feeling of freedom and fun on this side of the mountains. Add to that the Italian cuisine and hospitality and you’ve got the makings of a fabulous trip. I have chosen accommodation where the welcome is warm, the rooms pleasant clean and comfortable and the food to die for.
This is a trek for those who are looking for excellent walking, with a few hiking summits thrown in for good measure, and a chance to explore some of the secret spots I have discovered on my many treks around Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.




DATE: meet 7 August 2017


TRAVEL: The nearest airports are Geneva and Turin. Onwards travel by train and / or bus.

ACCOMMODATION: The cost of all accommodation - bed, breakfast and evening meal (except the last night’s meal in Aosta) - is included in the price of the trip. At the hotel the price is costed on double occupancy of rooms.

EXTRA COSTS: You’ll need to buy picnic foods, drinks, as well as souvenirs and postcards of course. Also, travel to and from Aosta at the beginning and end of the trip.

EQUIPMENT: A detailed list will be sent on booking.

DIFFICULTY OF THE WALK: 2/3   This means it’s a trip that will appeal to people who are looking for a challenging and energetic mountain trek. However, this trek will also appeal to those who are also looking for comfortable accommodation with reasonable facilities. There will be uphill and down every day and you need to be in good hiking shape but it won’t be relentless and we will take plenty of time to enjoy the views. The terrain will at times be rugged and you do need to be a keen hillwalker to enjoy this week. Expect to be outside for around 8 hours a day. This time is NOT spent just walking! There’s plenty of time for rests, taking photos, eating, drinking and of course just enjoying the views.

As for all my trips, I strongly recommend that you get plenty of aerobic exercise before the trek and make sure that your boots and sac are comfortable. Then you’ll get the maximum enjoyment out of what will be a wonderful holiday.

For a detailed programme email me

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